samedi 20 juillet : la journée internationale dédiée au jeu d'échecs !

Le site Chess.com (cliquez sur la bannière à droite) vous offre plein d'animations gratuites :

- 24 h de jeu, en arène, avec prix
- des invités
- des puzzle rushes (sprints de problèmes) à résoudre en 5 minutes (MaxissimO en est à 50)
- des duels de résolutions de problèmes (défiez-moi, vous gagnerez !)

To celebrate International Chess Day, Chess.com will host a variety of festivities on SaturdayJuly 20, headlined by 24 hours of free Puzzle Rush, one of the most popular chess features on the internet.
Players around the world will try to solve as many chess puzzles as they can in five minutes, attempting to break the global record and their own top scores.

international chess day

Chess.com has a full day of chess fun for all players, from beginners to the world's best grandmasters.
Scheduled activities include:
  • 24-hour marathon arena tournament with prizes
  • Live chess streaming with special guests, who will play games with viewers and Puzzle Rush
  • 24 hours of Puzzle Rush, free for all—Can you beat your all-time best score?
Join your favorite chess personalities as they commemorate an unforgettable day of chess, and try your hand at the marathon arena tournament and Puzzle Rush free-for-all.

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